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R.A.R.E. Support Lifetime Membership

Join our recovery family FOR LIFE!

Participate in fun social gatherings, weekly get fit group workouts, monthly health and wellness workshops, nutritional guidance, annual retreat, join our face book group, 1:1 recovery coaching support and much more! Consider us like the "Y" for members in Early Recovery! *Must be at least 90 days substance free.

Recovery Social Support

Early recovery is such a critical time in your life. You may have recently 90-days "clean" or 6-months. You may be currently in treatment or just finished detox or an in-patient program. Aftercare is super important. Treatment facilities only link you to aftercare resources and support you for a specific amount of time.  Well, how about recovery support FOR LIFE?   This is what the R.A.R.E. Support is all about.  It stands for Relapse Alternative Recovery Support. We're creating a "Y" like atmosphere through hybrid virtual and in-person connections. For a monthly fee, receive lifetime support to recover and restore your optimal health from years of toxin overload to the mind, body, and spirit.  Recovery doesn't have to be this long dreadful process done in isolation. Healing can actually be fun, and your recovery journey should be empowering, exciting, enlightening, and energizing. Join a community that is honored to serve you while supporting your power, potential, and purpose.  You are so Divine, and it is time that you and the rest of the world come to realize it. Join and transform your mind, body, and lifestyle.

As we like to say in R.A.R.E., "Who needs DOPE when you live a DOPE-ASS Life!"

How will this program benefit your overall wellbeing?

  • Improve your social wellbeing by connecting with life-minded Queens and Kings on their recovery path having "clean" fun.

  • Receive support navigating aftercare and other necessary resources for success.

  • Finally have a Family you can trust and who trust you.

  • Finally heal past wounds in a safe, loving, and sacred way.

  • Learn 12 essentials to support your optimal health so you can truly heal.

  • Support you in improving your health through weekly get fit group workouts, nutritional guidance, recovery health coaching, and sacred healing circles.

  • Learn what foods to put into your body to keep you on a "natural" high.

  • Boost confidence

  • Gain clarity on your purpose for existence and the steps to reach your goals.

  • Receive a BFF/accountability partner on your recovery journey.

  • Receive non-judgmental love no matter what.

  • Never worry about being "kicked out or discharged" for relapsing.

  • No long enrollment processes, paperwork, assessments, drug screens, and playing detective trying to figure out if you're using so we can "punish" you. 

  • Receive consistent check-ins to ensure you are supported the right way.

  • Change the way you see yourself and the world around you.

  • Improve the quality of your relationships.

  • Have the opportunity to become an Addiction Recovery Coach (Peer Support Specialist) with us and offer your unique gifts to the world.  

  • Be celebrated for your progress by earning points towards prizes including self-care trips!

  • Have a family who actually believes in you and wants to see you WIN!

  • Have the opportunity to travel to places you may have never been before.

  • Have fun finally being able to look in the mirror and love who you see!

If this sounds just as dope as it was writing it, then congratulations! You have officially met your new recovery family FOR LIFE! Contact us to begin the enrollment process.  It's super quick to sign up and you can get started right away. We're thrilled to meet you and connect with you all the way to purpose. We're confident you're going to love this program and never want to leave. We wouldn't want you to anyway. So, what are you waiting for Miss Lady? Sir? Pick up the phone right now and get in on all this good juju we radiating-JUST FOR YOU! Let's Get it!!!!

Welcome! Namaste!

Alisha Partee-Your Transformation Lifestyle Health Coach, MA, CADC, QP

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