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Meet Your Transformation Leaders

Alisha Partee MA, CADC


Lifestyle Transformation Health Coach

Certified Life Coach

Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor
Master Reiki Practitioner

Meditation Instructor

Psychospiritual Educator

Arbonne Consultant

Wellness Travel Business Owner


My Personal Transformation Testimony!

I am the owner of S.H.A.R.E. Wellness (SHARE).  I am honored and passionate about showing up every day to help people live healthy and conscious fulfilling lives.  I maintain a unique approach with my clients ensuring that everyone knows their divinity and receive the best possible experience for their individuality and purpose.  My clients can truly be themselves, heal, and have fun with my nonjudgmental love to wellness approach.  I have worked in the field of Human Services for over 12 plus years; 7 of those years working specifically in Substance Abuse.  I hold a master's degree in Human Services, Certified in the state of North Carolina as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach.  I have served in a variety of settings including residential facilities, community-based agencies, schools, court systems, and outpatient centers.

As my own first client, my journey to wholeness wasn't a pleasant one.  In fact, it was quite chaotic and scary as hell.  Although it wasn't easy, it was purposeful, and spirit led.   Everything in my life looked and felt unstable.  I was stuck in every area of my life. But the Divine knew exactly what he was doing and where I was headed.  My inner child, the visionary, worked hard to birth the best version of myself.  I had to tap into my inner strength, I didn't even know I had, and finally surrender and got on the path of self-healing.  

I was so unsatisfied in my career and, life in general, that I was ignoring my own health and happiness. I was left burned out-twice.  The first time, I ended up on the 7th floor on the psychiatric unit with depressive symptoms, vertigo, and mood swings like you wouldn't believe. The second incident, after an MRI, my doctor discovered a small prolactinoma (tumor) on my Pituitary Gland connected to my overextended stress level and unhealthy lifestyle habits throughout the years of serving others and not taking care of self.  I was so burned out with unbalanced hormones, I gained the most weight I had ever weighted. I couldn't stop emotionally eating, wasn't getting nearly enough sleep, had extreme fatigue all the time, had major digestive issues, hair loss, skin issues, and inflammation that just would not go away.


And that wasn't the end of it.  My dissatisfaction with my career and unknown life purpose, not only did it all lead to my health problems, but it spilled right over into my marriage and finances.  This led to a year-long separation with my husband, a relocation of my son and I to live with my mother in a more confined space and challenged to face my fears and start the self-healing process.

I realized I had to get real with myself. There are no easy shortcuts to optimal health. Inner work is required.  Being in the field of Human Services for over a decade and overextending myself to the point of burnout, I was left with a whole lot of stress, a broken marriage, and hefty medical bills. 

I had to take a holistic multidimensional approach and dig much deeper below the surface to discover the root causes of my symptoms and get on a path to healing.  I had to confront my inner shadows I kept hidden and find the strength, courage, and wisdom needed to do the mirror work required to take this journey. I had to comfort my obsession with emotional eating of junk food, my part in my marriage failing, my depression, my unhappiness in my career, my dissatisfaction with my social life, my laziness around physical activity, the financial mess I created, and my overall lifestyle that was killing me rapidly. Little did I know, all this IS WELLNESS.


As I evolved and did the inner work, the universe opened up for me and brought everything full circle and aligned me with my true purpose behind my pain and struggles. This is why S.H.A.R.E. Wellness is dear to my heart.  I want the opportunity to share the "Self-Healing and Recovery Essentials" I used to heal self and live a happier and more holistic life.

I invite you to join our tribe.  If you're ready to finally surrender, face who you see in the mirror, heal, an honor yourself in the process, then let's have a conversation and see if we "vibe" together.  Allow the universe to hold space for us to take this journey together.  It really can be an enjoyable process; one with the right support along for the ride.  All we require is that you vow to put "you" first, keep showing up for yourself, and trust the process. 

So, buckle up and enjoy the trip to wholeness!!!  Consider this your "yellow brick road." As your Coach, YOUR VISION IS OUR COMMAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alisha Partee

Tip: It's okay to not be okay. Let me show up for you.  Self-healing can actually be fun. Let me show you how.

Marina Laliberte

Registered Nurse


Marina is a Registered Nurse with other a decade of knowledge in the field of healthcare.  She has worked in a variety of settings before making the best decision to focus on the holistic functional medicine side of healing.  She focuses on supporting others with Chronic conditions, Nutrition Education, Reproductive Health, Stress Management, as well as a host of other areas to guide clients on their wellness journey.  

Tip: Let the fear go and focus on where you want to go and just go.

Registered Nurse

Adrienne Nixon Basco
Fitness Trainer

Adrienne Nixon Basco is a certified fitness trainer and founder of Bella Figura Fitstyle; a business centered around helping people, especially women, to create a lifestyle rooted in physical fitness and mental and emotional wellness.  Certified by NCSF, Adrienne has years of experience teaching group training classes as well as training individuals.  Through both training clients and creating useful fitness and lifestyle content for both the Bella Figura Fitstyle YouTube channel and blog, Adrienne's mission is to transform lives by helping people to create better lifestyle habits that will lead to enjoying healthier, happier lives. ​ We are happy Adrienne has joined our team to serve our members.

Fitness Coach

Tip: Family, Fun, and Fitness!

Danaja Roberts

Event Planner


Danaja is an experienced Event Planner driven by passion and dedication to always creating new ways to gather for fellowship.  Before transitioning into events, she worked in healthcare for 15 years dedicated to creating and delivering superior quality work which taught her to become more compassionate in making a difference in the lives of others.

There is nothing that makes her happier than to see others happy.  She takes pride in providing the best memorable meetings and events.  She has leveraged her experience working with different planners into creating a coordination style that is unique.  She specializes in diverse events.  As a professional Event Planner, her goal is to deliver an exceptionally good experience to her clients.  She is fueled by reading, cooking, traveling, fashion, music, and decorating.  She is an explorer eager to find new things and places to create in and we are honored she joined the S.H.A.R.E. Wellness family helping to deliver fun and transformational healing retreats and other events!

Tip: Find places and people to create with. 

Lacie Latimer

Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Lacie is a health and wellness advocate with a passion for helping others lead a healthier, more abundant lifestyle.  Her goal is to assist other in changing their relationship with food while using measurable goals to reduce stress and finding a deepened sense of clarity and wellbeing.  She is also passionate for developing fitness programs for client while helping others transform their lives through the power of exercise and making healthier nutritional choices. 

Tip: Getting started is the hardest part. Make the decision. You can't win if you don't show up.

Event Planner
Fitness and Nutrition Coach
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