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Meet Your Coaches & the Group

Alisha Diane Partee MA, CADC


Integrative Nutrition Wellness Coach

Certified Life Coach

Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor
Master Reiki Practitioner

Meditation Instructor

Psychospiritual Educator

Arbonne Consultant

Travel Business Owner


I am the owner of S.H.A.R.E. Wellness Group (SWG).  I am honored and passionate about showing up every day to help people live healthy and conscious fulfilling lives.  I maintain a unique approach with my clients ensuring that everyone knows their divinity and receive the best possible experience for their individuality and purpose.  My clients can truly be themselves, heal, and have fun with my nonjudgmental love to wellness approach.  I have worked in the field of Human Services for over 12 plus years; 6 of those years working specifically in Substance Abuse.  I hold a master's degree in human services and is a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor in the state of North Carolina.  I have served in a variety of settings including residential facilities, community-based agencies, schools, court systems, and outpatient centers.

The common theme I noticed in working in the field is that there were a lot of overworked, burnt out, depleted, and unhealthy "humans" in the world of human services and employers didn't seem to care.  I saw "broken" people trying to "fix" broken people.  I saw a broken system and often sought ways on how I could help and serve to make things better. 

I wanted to travel the world and connect with other people to raise consciousness on wellness.  After my spiritual awakening in 2018, I envisioned a world of wholeness and I felt I was a chosen one to experience all of God and to fulfill his will of sharing wholeness in the world.  I wanted to show people that life isn't a one size fits all and that you can thrive in your truth and change the trajectory of future generations.


I wanted to provide a safe community for people to heal and explore the traumas in their lives and live their best healthy lives.  I also wanted to offer opportunities for self-care to align the mind, body, spirit towards a happier, healthier, and holistic lifestyle so we can show up balanced and fully conscious while in service to others.  I'm happy to show up for you.


Tip: It's okay to not be okay. Let me show up for you. I'm available by appointments and only a phone call away. Healing can actually be fun. Let me show you how.

Marina Laliberte

Registered Nurse


Marina is a Registered Nurse with other a decade of knowledge in the field of healthcare.  She has worked in a variety of settings before making the best decision to focus on the holistic functional medicine side of healing.  She focuses on supporting others with Chronic conditions, Nutrition Education, Reproductive Health, Stress Management, as well as a host of other areas to guide clients on their wellness journey.  


Tip: Let the fear go and focus on where you want to go and just go.

Adrienne Nixon Basco
Fitness Trainer

Adrienne Nixon Basco is a certified fitness trainer and founder of Bella Figura Fitstyle; a business centered around helping people, especially women, to create a lifestyle rooted in physical fitness and mental and emotional wellness.  Certified by NCSF, Adrienne has years of experience teaching group training classes as well as training individuals.  Through both training clients and creating useful fitness and lifestyle content for both the Bella Figura Fitstyle YouTube channel and blog, Adrienne's mission is to transform lives by helping people to create better lifestyle habits that will lead to enjoying healthier, happier lives. ​ We are happy Adrienne has joined our team to serve our members.

Adrienne Fitness Coach.jpg
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