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Our mission is to empower and support others all around the world to make powerful lifestyle changes that supports their health and overall wellbeing. 
We envision a world of health-conscious people awakened, aligned, and living on purpose unapologetically.  

We empower and inspire others to honor their self-care by investing in their health and getting on the path to wholeness.

We help businesses maintain their employees by offering wellness programs that create a healthy work culture.

We support businesses in the wellness space by partnering and referring our members to other wellness opportunities to promote overall health.


Peace and Blessings Beautiful Souls. Welcome to S.H.A.R.E. Wellness Group. 

I am Alisha Partee, AKA Coach P.  You can consider me your personal fun coach because that is what we're about to have!  I am on a mission to travel the world to find as many people as possible who is ready to live their best healthy lives ever and have the most amazing time getting healthy and traveling the world to the most beautiful places to SHARE WELLNESS and to heal our planet!    


Who do we serve?  We help people who are ready to make simply yet powerful lifestyle changes for better health who may need support getting started.  We focus on weight management, stress management, mindset tuning, self-image, physical fitness, nutrition, and chronic health conditions. 

We're best suited to serve people who want to live their best life but aren't quite happy with who they see in the mirror.  We work with people are obsessed with "image" but not satisfied with how they look and feel. They want to look and feel their best but looking for an accountability partner/coach to walk the path with them.  We also seek brides who want to look and feel their best for their BIG day along with coaching them through a healthy life of marital bliss. 


We also are passionate about serving women and men who are serving as "front line" essential care professionals who have job tasks that often leave them stressed to the point of major health concerns if they're not intentional about their health and wellbeing.  These essential care workers are working within health care, human services agencies, school districts, police departments, etc.  

Our team has decades of experience combined to serve our communities to ensure everyone gets personalized attention to make self-care a priority.

PS: Still not sure, well consider this

With today's times and the many hats we wear, there is a tremendous push of energy towards health and wellness.  Think about it.  We show up spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically for others but who shows up for you?  No one because we abandon ourselves as we're taught that taken care of self is considered a selfish act.  Plus, we're so damn busy, we don't take no time to slow life down, relax and focus on self.  We are expected to be "Gods" and "Goddesses" having all the answers to life's problems for everybody else and this often leaves us over worked, burnt out, depleted, and sometimes questioning our calling.  We hardly make time for ourselves, and our minds, bodies, and souls are paying the price.  

If you're like me, you may have had some unresolved traumas/scars that you hide to the world and wonder why your life is spiraling out of control and why you're unhappy with how you look and how you feel. It may be the universe telling you it's time to get some clarity and direction into those things.  If you work with us, be prepared to dive deep into the mirror of your heart and soul to discover those answers.  


If this sounds like you and you are in desperate need of some self-care, a mindset makeover, and a healthier holistic lifestyle, then you have officially met your personal self-care coach on your journey to wholeness.  S.H.A.R.E. Wellness Group aims to build a community of health-conscious people who honor themselves first and see the value in investing in themselves.  We offer a safe space to take off the mask, the many hats we wear, and big size shoes we are expected to fill and come relax, release, rewind, reset, and renew. 


We're here to offer you much needed self-care and safety to be "you."  We offer essentials from wellness workshops to individual coaching services. Ohhh, and Wellness Trips!

We are honored to serve you.  We invite you and/or your business for some much need "sacred self-time." 


Coach P MA, CADC, QP

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Tel: 704-616-8093

Current Services Offered
  • Health & Wellness Coaching

  • Mindset Makeover

  • Employee Wellness Packages 

  • Wellness Programs, Workshops, Retreats

  • Arbonne Products!  visit to learn more

  • Travel Bookings

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